Anti Graffiti Film

Anti Graffiti Film Adelaide

If it’s anti graffiti film in Adelaide you’re after, Adelaide Premier Window Tinting has you covered – your clear choice for anti graffiti film.

Adelaide Premier Window Tinting anti graffiti film is your cost effective solution to the growing threat of vandalism, scratched glass and graffiti in and around Adelaide.

Adelaide Premier Window Tinting have a range of anti graffiti films available in multiple thicknesses that reject 99% of damaging UV rays helping to protect fittings, furniture and stock and can serve to lower the risk of injury from broken glass shards.


How does anti graffiti window film protect your glass and what can it be used for?

Anti graffiti window film forms a protective but sacrificial layer across the surface of the glass, and if the film is damaged or vandalised it can be removed and replaced by one of our qualified installers at a fraction of the cost of glass replacement.

Adelaide Premier Window Tinting anti graffiti films have a variety of application purposes for shop fronts, public mirrors, shopping malls, schools, buses and trains, bus shelters and elevator doors. Anti graffiti window films will also help to cover up existing scratches when fitted to glass.

Our anti graffiti film is backed by an Adelaide Premier Window Tinting installation warranty and a comprehensive manufacturers warranty as well.

So whether you find yourself in a high traffic location or if you simply require anti graffiti window film as a preventative measure, Adelaide Premier Window Tinting has the solution for you.

For glass protection, scratch removal and anti graffiti film - Contact Adelaide Premier Window Tinting today!

Avoid costly glass replacement and contact us for your anti vandal solutions today.

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